As A Perfect Closure For 2023 Greg Oakland And Tara Louise Created “Rising Sun”

greg oakland rising sun

In 2023, this Japanese-American music producer is shining as one of the most intriguing rising stars.

It’s no surprise that renowned labels such as FSOE, Suanda, Nocturnal Knights, and Magik Muzik (Black Hole Recordings) have recognized his exceptional talent by signing his tracks. What’s truly intriguing is how seamlessly the incredible vocals he collaborates with integrate into his compositions. The lyrics, specifically tailored for each song, add an extra layer of magic to his musical creations.

Within the realm of trance production, Greg Oakland consistently ventures to the edge of a progressive sound. If you happen to analyze his tracks on Beatport you will find a dynamic range, spanning from 70 to 140 bpm. However, Greg’s music is united by a common thread of melody and emotion. A musician’s ability to express such profound feelings through their music is a testament to their passion. With each released track, Greg aspires to deliver this emotional depth, a characteristic that doesn’t go unnoticed, fortunately. While he emphasizes his versatility, stepping outside conventional boundaries, the undeniable truth remains that every artist possesses a defining style that resonates with their audience.

Speaking of his latest release, we have here another progressive trance tune, and yet another stunning vocal collaboration. Greg teamed up with renowned singer-songwriter Tara Louise for this project called “Rising Sun”. “Over a decade of collaboration with my friend Walter, we developed this concept, experimenting with around 20 versions of the song, which significantly contributed to honing my production skills. After releasing “Never Temporary” with Tara, our initial attempt at a 140 BPM uplifting track with a darker theme didn’t resonate with labels. This prompted a complete rewrite in the opposite direction, resulting in a new version that aligns better with my artistic vision. Tara’s lyrics reflect a dedication to personal growth, a sentiment that deeply resonates with me. Just as with any track I produce, my aspiration is for this song to have a similar impact on listeners.” – Greg shared.

The exploration of progressive trance has proven to be a fulfilling journey for Greg and he admits he eagerly anticipates further shaping his sound in that direction. Make sure to check out “Rising Sun” and figure out whether he is on the right path or not. It is available now on all major streaming platforms:


01. Greg Oakland & Tara Louise – Rising Sun (Original Mix)
02. Greg Oakland & Tara Louise – Rising Sun (Extended Mix)

Learn more about Greg Oakland below:



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