GzLz Astounds In His Latest Project, ‘2 FACED’

gzlz 2 faced

With his debut eight-track album titled “2 FACED,” Copenhagen producer GzLz brings us a unique and electric music style.

This album depicts the chaos of mixed emotions a person experiences during a love affair in an unflinching way. Listeners can perceive their own story through his music as he infuses his experiences into his music.

While staying away from being tied to a particular style, GzLz played around with music, believing that the sound and quality are more important than a certain style. Bringing his vision to life, he has drawn inspiration from artists such as The Weeknd, Post Malone, Frank Ocean, Martin Garrix, Martin Solveig, Swae Lee, Travis Scott, Khalid, and ZHU.

With tracks like ‘Got4Me,’ ‘Favourite Secret,’ ‘This Way,’ and ‘Lo Siento,’ the project covers most of the spectrums like moombathon, R&B, Synth-Pop, Hip-Hop, House, etc. In comparison, tracks like ‘U Got My Love’ and ‘Inside Out’ provide the same in a different and unique way as the artist intended.

GzLz states, “I prefer not to say my meaning or feeling to the songs personally, as I try to make them open to different interpretations which I know people will have.”

Listen to the album:

GzLz is known for his intricate sound and eclectic music style. In his youth, he felt a special connection to music growing up, and he loved playing piano and guitar. He then stumbled upon the DAW FI studio during the COVID quarantine in 2020. Having downloaded and familiarized himself with the software, he was amazed by the potential of music you can produce and has been focused on dominating the music industry ever since.

He is able to use relatable topics to express his emotions and experiences. And he believes that COVID has helped him navigate and find his place in the music industry and continue to reach for his dream of playing in front of large audiences.


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