Haen, Banaati, And Lewyn Release Dreamy Melodic House Single “Chasing Shadows”

banaati chasing shadows

Rising Swedish producer Banaati returned to Monstercat today, teaming up with Indian producer Haen and label newcomer Lewyn for their soothing new single, “Chasing Shadows.”

Inspired by the experience of being in a relationship, “Chasing Shadows” recounts the feelings of unease that creep in after an argument with someone you love. Lewyn’s beautiful vocals add a layer of raw, melancholic emotion while the warm organic strings, bright keys, and crisp percussion inject uplifting energy into the track.

Haen shares, “This song is easily one of my favourite pieces of work to date, and I’m beyond delighted to have worked with Banaati & Lewyn without whom this song would have never seen the light of day. We hope you enjoy our work and I hope it resonates with you!”

Banaati adds, “Me, Sachin & Lewyn are delighted to release this record to the world as we believe this is something quite special. This collaboration is a perfect example of equal cooperation where I feel everyone involved contributed equally and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Hopefully, this song resonates as much with the audience as it does for us!”

Lewyn also adds, “The only way to make shadows disappear is to shed some light on them. Sounds easy enough but it turns out to be harder than you think.


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