Norwegian artist Hanne Leland channels the intense fear of losing a loved one, in her new single – Stay

Hanne Leland

Hanne Leland is a Norwegian born, London based electro-pop singer and songwriter. Since entering the music scene in 2013 as a country-pop songwriter in Nashville, TN, Hanne has crossed over to the electro-pop genre, and now sees herself in studios in LA and London with star producers such as Brian West (Sia, Nelly Furtado) and Red Triangle (Little Mix, Charlie Puth) among others. Hanne Leland’s music has been streamed almost 4 million times on Spotify alone.

Hanne continues to live up to the hype with the release of her new single – Stay. The song was written and co-produced by Hanne, and produced by Jim Eliot, the producer behind Ellie Goulding’s breakthrough hit “Anything Could Happen”. “Stay” is an emotional yet powerful electro-pop ballad about the intense fear of losing a loved one.

Speaking on her latest work, Hanne Leland notes; “I wrote “Stay” on my piano at home last year. I brought it to a couple of different producers, but none of them were catching the vibe I wanted for the production, until I presented it to Jim (Eliot), and he started working his magic on it. The recording process was really emotional as the song is very personal to me, and I feel like you can really hear the raw emotion coming through in the song.”

Last year, Hanne’s musical prowess led her to receive praise from the renowned magazine, Galore, and she opened for the legendary girl group, All Saints, during their sold-out comeback tour, “Red Flag” in the UK.

2018 is already shaping up to be yet another great year for Hanne Leland, she released her single “Carry On” in February, a groovy indie-pop track that caught the attention of several large music magazines/websites such as Clash Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Hanne Leland is also known for her outspokenness on feminism which echoes in her previously released singles “QUEEN” and “You Don’t Own Me” – each of which conveys a strong message of woman power.

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About Hanne Leland

Hanne Leland is a Norwegian born singer and songwriter in the electro-pop genre.

She started writing country-pop music in Nashville, and released her debut album “Honest” in 2014. She crossed over to electro-pop the following year, and have released several singles since then.

In 2015 Hanne teamed up with UK production duo Red Triangle, whose work includes songs for Little Mix, Charlie Puth and The Vamps. Red Triangle co-wrote and produced the February 2016 single “Keep On Movin”. The same year Hanne released the single “QUEEN”, and she opened up to about her lyrics, and that her songs following will be darker both sonically and lyrically. Hanne toured with British girl group All Saints in October 2016 as their opening act on ten sold out shows across the UK.

The single “Hungover You” was released in February 2017, and was remixed by Norwegian artist and DJ CLMD (Also known as one of the judges on the Norwegian version of The Voice). She followed up with her latest single “You Don’t Own Me”, an empowering synth-pop ballad whom was praised by American magazine Galore. The magazine was quick to claim Hanne their new favourite Norwegian singer.


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