Instagram Stories – Now the central ad platform for music artists


Instagram and Instagram stories are platforms that are growing at a very fast pace. While people like to share most of their moments and experiences with the world, businesses on the other hand use this platform to garner exposure and boost sales.

The two recent product developments with Instagram, specifically Instagram stories, will make it the central ad platform for artists and DJs. They will now be able to expose tracks / playlists as well as provide event tickets, to the audience on Instagram. Let’s take a look at both these integrations.

a) The Spotify integration with Instagram


Until now, if users had to share Spotify content to Instagram stories, they had to take a screenshot of the music they were listening to and then upload it to their stories. But, with the new integration, fans and artists will be able to share tracks, albums, playlists and directly to their Instagram stories, which will carry links that drives users back to Spotify. Spotify is also working on a similar integration with Facebook stories, which will give 2x exposure to the music on Spotify.

a) The Instagram integration with Eventbrite

Eventbrite gets most of it’s web traffic from Instagram. From the 200 million people who view brand profiles on Instagram, 30% of them have bought something after seeing it first on Instagram. However, until now, event creators could only add their website URL’s to their profile. After seeing the trend in purchase, the new Instagram integration will make it easy for Instagram users to buy tickets with the ‘Get Tickets’ button added to their business profiles.

Once users click on the button, their name and email will be auto filled while checking out from their Instagram profile. This will make it easier for purchasers to buy their tickets without entering their details. Similar integrations have taken place on Facebook and it has been observed that, there us a 2x rise in sales and registrations.


The icing on the cake for artists, from this integration is that, if they are using Event brite, they will be able to track their sales, which will allow them to make proper decisions on allocating their ad budgets to Instagram.



It is going to be exciting to see how artists / DJ’s leverage both these functionalities to reach their audience.

SOURCE: IMS Business Report 2018

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Paridhi Bhatiya

Content Writer | EDM Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
Apart from building brands in advertising, I love to collaborate with artists and musicians across the globe to create content and tell their stories to the world. Dance music for me has a way of understanding people’s emotions and it also inspires them to break through any barrier to create something beyond their goals.
Paridhi Bhatiya

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