HEDEGAARD And Matt Hawk Deliver Another Epic Car Music Release With “Hood To The Hills”

hedegaard hood to the hills

Danish star HEDEGAARD has quickly become a household name for his unique and heavy-hitting style known as “car music,” and his newest release – “Hood To The Hills,” might be his best work yet.

He teamed up with fellow Danish producer Matt Hawk for the track, having previously worked together on their recent single “OneHundred.” It takes no prisoners with its blend of low-tempo EDM, featuring ominous undertones, reverberating basslines, and rhythmic urban vocals that make it exemplary of the “car music” genre that both HEDEGAARD and Matt Hawk proudly pioneer. Whether through your whip’s speakers or on the club dancefloor, “Hood To The Hills” is bound to heat things up. Read on for what the artists have to say about their newest collaboration.

“Matt and I had so much fun doing our recent single ‘OneHundred,’ that we decided to do one more together, right away. Matt has recently released several tracks in the ‘Car Music’ genre, which were created using samples of classical music, an idea I thought was extremely inspiring. We agreed to do a track together in that style, combined with my more recent cinematic bass-driven sound and some motivational hip-hop vocals. I am very excited to present our result to the world.” – HEDEGAARD

“‘Hood To The Hills’ represents a collaboration built on a shared passion for the deep and dark ‘Car Music’ genre. This time, we decided to do a more grandiose approach while still keeping a focus on making the song catchy as hell. I feel the cinematic aspects of the sound we ended up with has added a fascinating dimension to our joint universe; I am extremely proud of this single, and can’t wait for people to hear it.” – Matt Hawk


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