HoneyLuv Releases Official Music Video For ‘Your Tongue’

honeyluv your tongue

HoneyLuv turns a hilarious filter into frisky, good old fashioned fun on the official music video for “Your Tongue,” her debut single on Insomniac Records.

Anyone who has squandered countless hours on TikTok has more than likely laughed until the point of pain at the Renaissance painting trend. For the uninitiated (or the reluctant few still standing by their decision to never create an account), here’s your chance to become enlightened. There has been a wealth of viral videos in which TikTok-ers filmed themselves making absurd facial expressions and then used a filter to superimpose bits of the funny faces over art pieces pulled from the Renaissance period. It was impossible to scroll through the FYP without coming face-to-face with this side-splitting content.

The house producer is now painting the trend in an entirely new light in the visual for her recent single, “Your Tongue.” Adorned in the opulent and overly festive attire from that era of rebirth, HoneyLuv and her close circle of noble ladies and lords are seen lip-syncing the words to the ear-worming hook from her sensual house track. Shot in a portrait-style setting, the music video throws in frames of provocative “mouthplay” to tie it all together.

“The ‘Your Tongue’ video is a play on the famous TikTok trend,” says HoneyLuv. “I wanted to bring those characters to life in my own way, and to show the sassiness and sexiness in real life. I am so happy we were able to bring such a beautiful piece together.”

Matching the suggestive visual cues with the tantalizing lyrics was no accident. Sex positivity was the underlying theme for the release, a rollicking groove that doubled as a message encouraging women-identifying individuals to embrace their deepest, darkest desires without feeling shame.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, she says: “I’m a very sexual person. So, when it came to putting a track like this out—that promotes women to speak about what they want sex with their partners and not shy away from what they feel—it was only right to put that message into my music.”

“Your Tongue” was strategically released in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, and the dots are easy to connect. With the music video now echoing the importance of the sex-positive movement, hopefully, it will serve as a reminder for anyone that has yet to embrace their own sexuality to the fullest.

HoneyLuv’s single “Your Tongue” is available everywhere via Insomniac Records.


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