Hotboxx Releases ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’ For House Of Huemans’ Compilation

hotboxx certified freak (interlude)

Hotboxx brings a new release to fans as part of House Of Huemans’ compilation album, ‘Welcome Home 001 VA’; a Deep House production titled ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’, this latest track takes a different direction from Hotboxx’s recent releases, offering listeners a chilled-out, relaxed sonic experience that is sure see them hitting repeat.

Having been gaining traction within Electronic Music ever since embarking on his musical journey, Hotboxx appears as a noteworthy talent on the scene and one whose continued pursuit for attention and recognition remains supported by his original sound and stand-out talents. With a production catalogue that is as extensive as it is impressive, including several collaborative projects alongside gifted Artists like Flynn Nolan and Unkwnet, Hotboxx has established a reputation both through his innovative approach towards music production and his electrifying DJing style. Having had over a decade on the DJing scene in Miami, Hotboxx continues to focus his creativity on delivering unforgettable live sets and infectious studio productions, alongside showcasing his original tastes through weekly episodes of his radio show ‘All The Smoke’. As he drops yet another captivating release for listeners to immerse themselves in, Hotboxx once again takes his skillset and innate abilities to produce an unmissable production that will no doubt resonate with fans worldwide.

An atmospheric soundscape, detailed with shimmering pads, hypnotising panned details and shuffled rhythms, ‘Certified Freak’ serves as the ideal interlude within the compilation, presenting listeners with an ambient-sounding track amongst the other high-energy productions featured on the album. As dreamy-sounding vocals layer into the mix, the track introduces an underlying bassline, punchy beat, and groovy synth chords, bringing ‘Certified Freak’ an added layer of mesmerising vibes.

With engaging energy, this newest release from Hotboxx appears as another stellar example of his versatile talents when it comes to producing compelling tracks; a refreshing addition to his production catalogue, ‘Certified Freak’ no doubt highlights Hotboxx’s continued confidence to push his own creativity and musical boundaries to appear with music that remains innovative and unique. So, a talent to keep watching closely, make sure to follow Hotboxx across social media to not miss out on any more of his upcoming releases and live shows. ‘Certified Freak (Interlude)’ is out now via House Of Huemans and is available to stream and download across platforms.


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