HÜMAN Joins Alok’s CONTROVERSIA Label With Cinematic House Release “Craving You” With Tudor

human craving you

Alok’s CONTROVERSIA welcomes HÜMAN, an exciting and brand-new project from an experienced writer and producer Liam Cole.

HÜMAN teamed up with Welsh singer/songwriter Tudor for “Craving You,” a cinematic and electronic gem of a track.

From the moment it opens with an upbeat kickdrum and emotive vocals that bleed into a deep, groovy bassline, “Craving You” sets itself apart with sophisticated production, including synths and real instruments recorded live specifically for this song.

Its dancefloor-friendly construction and soulful elements make it flexible for radio play or at the club. HÜMAN is the perfect addition to Alok’s diverse and cutting-edge label, and we can’t wait to learn more about this enigmatic new artist.

“This song means the world to me. For a long time, I’ve dreamed of having my artist project and merging the two genres I love. I’ve been producing for other artists for almost ten years. This release, the first of this project, also means the start of pursuing my dream” – HÜMAN


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