Icarus Drop Brand New Electronica Project, “UNFOLD”

icarus unfold album

Bristol duo Icarus have dropped their hotly anticipated new project UNFOLD, out now via FFRR / Parlophone.

Characterised by polished, weightless electronica that’s both visceral and drenched in emotion, UNFOLD is undoubtedly Icarus’ finest work to date. Opening with title track ‘Unfold’, a delicate and intricate production featuring vocals from Tim Digby-Bell of Cubicolour, other standouts across its nine tracks include the duo’s latest single ‘Fade Away’, a fluttering soundscape that masterfully incorporates elements of trance and house music, the melodic ‘Meet Me There’, which features the heartstring-tugging vocals of London singer-songwriter Nathan Bell, and the controlled euphoria of ‘Joy’. Elsewhere, UK singer-songwriter Rae Morris lends her soaring vocals to the poppier ‘Dreams Of You’ and the project’s closing track ‘Tomorrow’ sees Icarus at their most experimental.

Icarus – UNFOLD Tracklist

1. Unfold (feat. Tim Digby – Bell)
2. Fade Away
3. Meet Me There (feat. Nathan Ball)
4. Joy
5. Swim
6. Between Us
7. Dreams Of You (feat. Rae Morris)
8. Rush
9. Tomorrow

“The concept for this body of work revolves around transformation, growth and evolution of self,” Icarus previously explained. “We currently feel we’re at a juncture in our lives both personally and in a career sense. Over the last few years, people have entered and left our lives and we’ve both been through things that have made us grow significantly as people.

“This is our biggest and most important project to date and we feel that it not only marks the closing of a period of time but signifies a fresh, new and exciting one. These songs represent how our lives, personalities and ever-changing selves UNFOLD.”

Icarus have embarked on a sharp ascent through the ranks of UK dance music since signing to Pete Tong’s legendary FFRR imprint back in 2015, garnering over 60 million streams and 7x Hottest Records on BBC Radio 1 over the course of their careers. Moving away from single releases in 2018 with their five-track EP In The Dark, the boys continue to grow and develop in their artistry, with last February’s concept project This Must Be The Place receiving critical acclaim.

To coincide with the UNFOLD release, Icarus have also launched their 2020 LIVE UK tour, which will see the duo perform at London’s Village Underground and YES Manchester on 23rd and 24th April respectively, before closing with a final show in their hometown at Bristol’s most popular new venue, The Marble Factory on 25th.

A stunning project that brings together elements from a multitude of different genres and styles, UNFOLDis the project destined to propel Icarus to the electronic music A-leagues.


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