Loud Luxury & Brando Build On Successful First Collaboration With “Gummy”

loud luxury brando gummy

Few first-time collabs have been as monumentally impactful as Loud Luxury and Brando’s multi-million-stream smash hit ‘Body’, and both acts are set to build on that milestone record with their next creative collision.

Today, the Canadian duo and L.A. singer-songwriter emerges with their second link-up: ‘Gummy’.

Included on Loud Luxury’s upcoming ‘Nights Like This EP’ (due March 27), ‘Gummy’ sees its creators take the next step toward power play status. Combining emotive piano chords with thought-provoking lyrics before unleashing its beefed-up club appeal, ‘Gummy’ marks the next high-magnitude collab between the Canadian hotshot duo and the L.A. multi-talent, raising the bar higher and higher as they go.

Loud Luxury: “This song is very special to us. ‘Gummy’ is the first song we made with Brando after releasing ‘Body’ and feels like we’re picking up exactly where we left off. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.“

Brando: “Writing and performing on the record ‘Gummy’ with Loud Luxury was a lot of fun. The song has a laidback summer vibe to it and I’m excited for fans to hear it.”


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