Lohit Records Gears Up For The Release Of ‘Indian Tech Therapy’ – A Vibrant Tech House EP By Kash Trivedi And Solofader

kash trivedi indian tech therapy

Lohit Records is setting the stage for the launch of an invigorating new Tech House EP, “Indian Tech Therapy”.

This masterful production, a collaboration between label head Kash Trivedi and the remarkably talented DJ/producer Solofader, is expected to strike a chord with music enthusiasts across the globe.

Drawing upon the deep roots of India’s rich musical heritage, “Indian Tech Therapy” is an exquisite fusion of enchanting Indian vocal samples and hypnotic tech melodies. This EP also pays tribute to the tech house style, blending classic and contemporary groove patterns to create a refreshing, vibrant soundscape.

While each of the three original tracks stands alone as a masterpiece, together they create a harmonious ensemble that promises an immersive auditory journey. Stay tuned for the release of “Indian Tech Therapy,” a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of Kash Trivedi and Solofader.

You can pre-order it here


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