Inukshuk Marks Debut Release On Ophelia With “Everbright” EP

Inukshuk everbright ep

“Everbright” and the Everbright EP mark Inukshuk’s first releases on Ophelia.

The Toronto based multi-genre producer brings his melodic sound across this six-track EP with the help of vocalists XYV, Josh Bogert and the popular indie-pop artist, The Ready Set. Live with instrumentation, uplifting melodies and a range of mood-setting vocal performances, “Everbright” is a unique release that separates itself from Ophelia’s more dubstep heavy tracks.

Inukshuk is a multi-genre producer & performer from Toronto, Canada. Specializing in heavily melodic driven sound, he has built his fluidity and understanding of the roles of various sonic elements due to his lifetime of experience playing a spectrum of different instruments. He has gained millions of plays across various streaming platforms and has several major record label releases including appearances on Spinnin’ Records, NCS, Armada Music, Seeking Blue and Ultra Music. In turn, he has also collaborated with like-minded and well-established artists within the industry such as Breathe Carolina, Adventure Club, and Dabin.


1. May You Always Be
2. Everbright
3. Before We Start (feat. XYV)
4. Live In The Now (feat. Josh Bogert)
5. Broken Constellations
6. The Way You Are (feat. The Ready Set)


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