Iyan Leol Puts Out Luscious Slow Burn Single Called “Savages”

iyan leol savages

A music video director and recording artist from Chicago, Illinois, Iyan Leol, famously known as ‘Leol,’ has been already featured on multiple media outlets, including The Hollywood Digest, Music Existence, and The Indie Source, and has received great remarks from the industry critics.

Speaking about his music, the ethereal and moody sound of his music is based on themes of love and infatuation, while his lyrics combine sexiness with authenticity.

Known for his eclectic style, Leol mixes percussion and trap to create a melodic, cinematic, and soulful sound that is unique. The fresh sound of Leol’s original music, whether it is an indie soul impression or a cinematic, dark, and cerebral beat, gives a refreshing sound to hip-hop and will grab your attention.

In his new release, “Savages,” he draws inspiration from a trip to a Gentlemen’s Club in Los Angeles.

The track is sexy, infectious, and destined to encourage strippers to embrace the art of untamed seduction with their hypnotic dance moves.”The track serves as a catalyst for all to embrace their fierce and carnal alter ego while releasing all inhibitions.” says Leol. It blends singing and rapping with a sombre and chill beat that tantalizes listeners with its sultry and slow tempo. With its seductive rhythm and magnetic sound, the track grabs listeners by surprise and makes them fall victim to the tease and magnetic lure.

Aside from working on his music career, Leol spends time networking with artists at award shows. He attributes his success and inspiration to his well-balanced lifestyle and strives for self-improvement every day. His music is influenced by the seasons, particularly fall, when the leaves display vibrant colors and snow is on the horizon; and lately, his music reflects his location change as he is spending most of his time in Los Angeles.

It is a moony ride ahead for Leol in which only good things will follow.

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