JAIME ft. MITTONE – Dreams

jaime dreams

His album is on the way, and one of the featured tracks will be JAIME’s latest single release. Newly out is “Dreams,” a powerful offering that brings MITTONE on board to deliver fresh electronic vibes.

The German producer is no stranger to making super textured sounds and draws on experience as both a drummer and sound designer to create his unique signature. “Dreams” puts together snappy trap edits with a smoother pop finish, making for a distinctively urban track with a good dose of grit.

Whilst we wait for the album, stream his new single now.


Jaime delivers Electronic Pop at its finest, technically mature yet fully authentic: Urban deluxe. Music made of pure energy. From Rap to RnB to Trap and everything that resonates in the rooms in between – a whole bunch of tracks with a unique style synchronize to a total artwork with a golden line.

With his solo project, the exceptional artist delivers a sound that seems to come directly from Berlin Friedrichshain – and yet the man with the impressively groomed mustache and the German accent lives and works in the Alps. So what? Jaime gets it and transforms the message of these times into sound: You are not in the city. The city is in you!

With this first album finished, Jaime ́s ready to move this old green Chevi. It coughs, Jaime ́s pulling the choke and the journey starts!


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