Joshwa Teams Up With Jaded For New Single, ‘Kerching’ Featuring Eliza Legzdina

joshwa kerching

Joshwa and Jaded are cashing in on their first collab together arriving in the shape of “Kerching,” featuring Eliza Legzdina, a triple-seeded single issued by Insomniac Records.

In an age when Reddit stock bros are trying to siphon funds into the next crypto coin projected to shoot up towards the moon, there’s no safer bet than the next single to hit the market by way of Insomniac Records. London-based house producer Joshwa and UK three-piece outfit Jaded are making a sound investment, as they team up with lauded singer-songwriter Eliza Legzdina on a tech house belter that puts in as much work as any blue-collar citizen breaking their back to make ends meet.

“Kerching” finds three of the country’s hottest exports stacking up their strengths in the most efficient means possible. Legzdina flaunts her brazen vocal persuasions, panting and heaving to perfection in-between verses that make the cash register sing.

The boys bankroll her flow and priceless hook with their low-slung rhythm, creating a high-rolling groove characterized by squelchy synth squiggles, crisp hats, sharp snare hits, and undulating basslines. The economy of strut and swagger contained in this collab is staggering, resulting in a club record more rewarding than payday.

“‘Kerching is all about attracting and maneuvering financial abundance,” says Jaded. “There is nothing wrong with knowing your value and demanding compensation for your work. If money is a dirty word, we sing ‘Kerching’ instead; an ode for any hard-working professional.”

Joshwa chimes in with his side of the story: “Met the Jaded boys at an event at Studio 338 and got chatting, two weeks later I met them at their studio, and we made ‘Kerching.’ We caught a vibe right away and made the instrumental, Jaded showed me Eliza’s vocals and we instantly knew they had to be on the track because they worked so well. The day later it was mastered, and I played it out at E1 London, and everyone went mental!”

Joshwa, Jaded, and Eliza Legzdina are flashing some serious dancefloor currency with their new single “Kerching,” and the house scene is not going to stop until everyone gets their cut.

Joshwa and Jaded’s new single “Kerching,” featuring Eliza Legzdina, is available on all platforms via Insomniac Records.


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