Julian Cross Unveils New Single, ‘All I Need’ Featuring AFROJACK

julian cross all i need

On May 5th, the 25-year-old Julian Cross will launch his new track ‘All I Need’ together with AFROJACK, the first song for Julian’s debut album ‘Stories of The Nebula’, which is anticipated to be released later this summer.

Futuristic and fresh describe Julian Cross’s sound, who incorporates his clear vision for his music into all aspects of his work, including artwork and performances. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Belgium, Julian Cross has been working as a DJ and producer for many years. He is one of the biggest developments within WALL Recordings, the record label of DJ/producer AFROJACK, who is also Julian’s mentor and co-producer on this beautiful track.

Julian Cross proudly announces the release of his latest hit track, ‘All I Need.’ It’s a fantastic ‘feel-good’ song with catchy and uplifting vocals from Tonino Speciale, the singer who co-wrote the hit ‘Anywhere With You’ with AFROJACK. ‘All I Need’ is the perfect song to start the summer with and will undoubtedly conquer headphones and dance floors throughout the coming year.

Julian Cross is no stranger to the dance scene. With over 4 million plays on Spotify and impressive performances at Tomorrowland the Gathering and during Ultra Miami, the name ‘Julian Cross’ is becoming increasingly familiar to the general public. His previous track, ‘Antidote,’ was also played frequently during Ultra. Julian draws most of his inspiration for his music mainly from his environment to keep his songs close to himself. Knowing where you came from is a big part in his life, which he incorporates into his music. He has also received support from big names in the industry such as Martin Garrix and of course AFROJACK.

The other Dutchman on this track needs little introduction. The world-famous DJ and Grammy-award-winning producer AFROJACK has been one of the biggest names in the EDM scene for over a decade. With his focus on developing new talent, the superstar provides advice to the producers of the future. This track ‘All I Need’ is, therefore, a testament to the developments behind WALL. Proud mentor of Julian Cross and also one of the founders of the EDM scene, AFROJACK will continue to break boundaries wherever he goes.

With its catchy vocals and melody, ‘All I Need’ is a track you’ll have on repeat. Within seconds, the song sticks in your head, and you’ll be singing it all summer long. Now that the single is out, you can listen to it from the comfort of your own sound system in addition to festival sets around the world. ‘All I Need’ is this track, all summer long!


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