Julian Jordan Reflects On His Pop Side With “Nobody Knows”

julian jordan nobody knows

Dutch DJ/Producer extraordinaire Julian Jordan joined up with Singer/Songwriter Feldz to bring the summer heat with their new tune “Nobody Knows”.

It is pretty obvious that Julian Jordan has been a name for quality music in the industry for a while now. From glitchy electro house to house sounding pop, Julian has mastered it all. His last release “Without You” alongside STMPD homegrown talent Brooks received massive support and adoration from fans and DJs alike. Now, Julian’s “Nobody Knows” aims to bring summer vibes to your home/ personal dancefloors.
Give it a listen.

Not being able to go out during the summer is one of the most tragic things that has ever happened to humanity. Julian’s new record seems to replicate the warm summer beaches and pool parties that strongly remind of all the fun one can have on a scorching day instead of couch- diving and binge-watching a series for the hundredth time. Its four to the floor house orientation latches it to the sphere of dance music although it does aim to be a pop track. The simple percussions and solid basslines resonate perfectly with Feldz’ charming vocals that envelope the drop sections of the record. Its chord progressions are a gentle throwback to the 2010’s progressive scene. Overall, this pop hybrid is a great track to jam on-road and a great tune to move our bodies for.


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