Kill Feed Picks His Top 10 Black Label Tracks To Celebrate Its 100th Release

kill feed valley of death ep

Kill Feed’s “Valley Of Death” EP (out today), marks Black Label’s 100th release. To celebrate this monumental occasion, Kill Feed selects his top 10 release on Black Label. Check it out!

Shift by STUCA

The first time I heard this song, my jaw literally dropped to the ground. The flow and sound design absolutely amaze me.

Breach by Cromatik

Since the moment I heard the teaser of this track online, I have been playing it out in my DJ sets ever since. It’s hard to hear this one without nodding your head to the beat.

Ignition by Xaebor

Again, this is one of my favourite songs to play out live. It works perfectly as a double drop with pretty much any tune. The whole Ignition EP was a great release.

NOVISV by Samplifire

I remember hearing this song before its initial release and knew immediately that it was awesome. I played it out live and everyone lost their minds – Samplifire is on to something here!

Prismatic by SVDDEN DEATH

One of SVDDEN DEATH’s older songs, but still an absolute gem. No one can deny that SVDDEN DEATH is a fantastic producer, and his tracks from a few years back still hold up really well.

Casket by MARAUDA

This song makes me want to murder someone. Not literally, of course! I think that was MARAUDA’s intention when making this tune. My favourite part of this song is definitely the snare.

Snappyfangles by Aweminus & Spass

I remember hearing this song for the first time when a friend showed me it. It absolutely blew my mind into pieces. This is what good riddim is all about.

Thot Eliminated by Aweminus

One of my favourite Aweminus songs to date. Everything Aweminus releases is off the charts at the moment.

Valley Of Death by Kill Feed 

Even though I’m picking one of my own songs, I can’t deny that it’s definitely one of my favourite tracks that I have made! This is the title track of my ‘Valley Of Death’ EP on Black Label, which also happens to be the imprint’s 100th release. It’s also one of my favourite tracks to play out live

Not Today by Dack Janiels & Aweminus

If there’s one song I always play, it’s this one. Dack and Aweminus make an awesome pairing in this tune and you can hear both their influences really clearly. They nailed it.

Check out Kill Feed’s “Valley Of Death” EP.


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