KILL SCRIPT Reveals Next Chapter Of His Saga With Lab-Tested Techno Two-Tracker ‘Virtual Environment’

kill script virtual enviornment

KILL SCRIPT flips to the next chapter of his suspenseful saga with his sophomore EP, ‘VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT,’ which takes the honors of kicking off the sixth season of NIGHTMODE releases.

Only a couple of months have gone by since the underground upstart KILL SCRIPT officially opened the book on a techno project, which grabs like a page-turning sci-fi thriller. Anchored by an impeccable knack for world-building, the visionary pours his heart and soul into groundbreaking productions that are inherently linked to a narrative fit for a box-office blockbuster.

On the aptly named ‘FIRST CONTAKT’ EP, he touched down with a perfectly crafted two-tracker etched in his industrial sensibilities. The peak-time package was presented with an equally impressive visual component depicting a futuristic society utilizing the RIFT, an ancient form of transportation technology used to uncover the truth behind the demise of their civilization. After setting the stage with such a remarkable introduction, his vision is now expanding further through the much-anticipated sequel.

‘VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT’ is a compelling continuation, taking the narrative into the test chamber, the location where researchers and scientists study the past. “GENOME DIAL” is one of the essential experiments used to restore life to their world’s fallen forests.

Conducted with clinical precision, the thunderous thud of the kick powers the regenerative process as nostalgic trance stabs, squelchy sequences, and growling lower frequencies culminate into a cinematic drive guaranteed to produce results. Conversely, it’s counterpart “DEGRADE REFLECTION” is focused on trying to understand why the once shiny utopia has decayed and is now in ruin.

By design, there are ominous overtones lurking around this end of the laboratory, given the dismal nature of its findings. A lysergic lead bubbles vehemently for almost the entirety of the track’s run, acting as the one constant underscoring an aggressive set of variables.

The echoing vocal loops, chugging percussive arrangements and belching synth shifts are used to phenomenal effect, yielding a heavy acid-fueled creation. In the end, it’s virtually impossible to not feel like you’re caught on a cliffhanger aching for the next progression of the gripping storyline.

While the pieces continue to fall into place for him on the release end, there’s still a lot of excitement brewing around his forthcoming performances. With an immersive live show currently in the works, the underground sensation is in a unique position to become a flagbearer tasked with bringing techno to the masses.

Evidently off to a solid start, he will be making his festival debut on the main-stage at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. In addition, he’s also gearing up for an appearance at EDC Orlando, with many more gigs that are sure to follow. As for now, consider yourself lucky to be invested in KILL SCRIPT’s universe this early on.

“After the amazing support of ‘STASIS’ and my FIRST CONTAKT EP, I couldn’t think of a better home for my new EP, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT. After giving me my first shot, I can’t thank NIGHTMODE enough for providing me a platform to further tell my story and build this universe. Building this project has been so special and all the love to this point has just fueled me to add more to it and really sink into the story. Stoked to be sharing more of the story with everyone.” –KILL SCRIPT


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