[WATCH] KSHMR teases new ID for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans


One of the biggest performers at Sunburn 2016, KSHMR finally released his teased track, ‘Mandala’, which was the festival anthem for the 10th edition of Sunburn Festival at Pune. Things didn’t stop there for the American DJ, who has Indian roots.

India has always been a special country for KSHMR. He took the opportunity of this massive festival to tease his latest ID, which is his remix of the ‘Games of Thrones’ theme track.

This new ID was a mix of ‘Game of Thrones’ theme track with ‘Hu Ha’ by MR. BLACK & WAO, which was teased just 15 minutes into his set. Even though the ID was teased for just 1.5 minutes, it was a very satisfying mix. Both the tunes blend in really well and radiate a dramatic vibe. KSHMR has once again come up with a brilliant big room track and we are looking forward to the complete version of the track!

If you were not there at Sunburn 10, watch the tease below!

Watch KSHMR’s complete set below!

Header image courtesy: Colossal Photos

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