Iconic Producer Kurtis Mantronix Drops Re-Edit Of Classic Masterpiece ‘Got To Have Your Love’

kurtis mantronix got to have your love

80s hip hop trailblazer Kurtis Mantronix drops a silky smooth re-edit of his classic landmark banger ‘Got To Have Your Love’ 32 years after its release.

Before fronting Mantronix, one of the most iconic acts to come out of the late 80s alongside rapper MC Tee, Kurtis Mantronix fell in love with the gritty, DIY hip hop revolution taking place before his eyes in the streets of New York City and was inspired to make music of his own.

Emerging in an era when rap, electro, disco, and all types of fresh musical waves were emerging in a new light, Mantronix was an innovative brainchild of Kurtis Mantronix’s trailblazing incorporation of synthesizers and samplers into the rhythmatic mix. After signing one of Rap and Electro music’s first big record deals to Capitol, Kurtis Mantronix went on to produce beats for artists such as T La Rock and Just-Ice as well as release on major labels such as his first singing with Sleeping Bag Records.

Universally regarded as one of the most iconic and successful DJs, producers, and writers of all time, the turntable master has since prospered as a solo artist, remixing and producing for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Duran Duran, Kylie Minogue, Tinie Tempah, Atomic Kitten, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland… and many more.

Fueled by an understanding of hip hop and club music gifted to him by his work at the famous Downtown Records as a youth, Kurtis Mantronix channeled his signature electro-funk bliss into classics such as the original ‘Got To Have Your Love’, taken from his 1990 album, Got To Move Ya, which reached Top 4 in UK charts and instantly reached cult classic status upon release.

In addition to the re-edit, Kurtis Mantronix has enlisted XELACHAN, a multi-skilled producer duo consisting of XELAVATE, age 23, and CHAN1, age 46 for a modern remix spin that spans trap, house, pop, club and DnB genres. All 5 remixes supported with visuals are dropping in May and combine their multi-era knowledge and influences with a conscious and socially uplifting musical energy is the perfect recipe for a remix that traverses generations.

Kurtis said “It was not easy for me to decide to allow anyone to remix this track being my baby track. XELACHAN have done a great job. All remixes sound absolutely fantastic. What XELACHAN have done is not an easy task. They brought this old track up to speed for the current generation and done it in a way that introduces it to a new audience”

Preserving Kurtis Mantronix’s nostalgic wizardry while bringing fresh technical sound, the latest rework is a sleek and hearty take on the original. Enticing drops, disco themes, and production prowess abound in the 2022 re-edit of Got To Have Your Love.

Kurtis Mantronix – ‘Got To Have Your Love’ (2022 re-edit) is out on 6th April via Lastman.

Mantronix – ‘Got To Have your Love’ (XELACHAN remixes) is out on 18th May via Lastman


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