Leah Culver Gets Personal With Anthemic Bass Single “Give It All”

leah culver give it all

LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer Leah Culver returned to Monstercat today with her intimate melodic bass single, “Give It All”.

Following a string of powerful records on the label, the single digests emotive lyricism inspired by the difficulty in moving onto someone new when there’s grief to process from a previous breakup.

She effortlessly blends hopeful melodies with punchy basses, gearing the track to be a festival anthem. Carrying a poignant story, “Give It All” is an apologetic moment for Leah as she reflects on her self-growth and encourages listeners to trust the journey through heartbreak.

Leah Culver shares, “I hope when people hear “Give It All” they know to trust in the divine timing of things, make sure they take care of themselves, and do what they need to do to be the best versions of themselves at any given point in their journey – and I hope they remember to write run-on sentences.”


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