Lodato Delivers A Funky Collab With PollyAnna, “Sober”


Lodato teams up with Dutch songstress PollyAnna for the funky collab ‘Sober’ next on Enhanced Recordings!

“I wanted to find the contrast between an uplifting song that you can’t help but dance to, while not shying away from expressing darker feelings. I think music is an amazing thing to help you process whatever you are going through. I hope this song does just that for everyone out there that needs to hear it.” – Lodato

The artist strikes dance-pop gold with a bouncy bassline and precision-carved vocal chops, both supplanted by an entrancing vocal delivery from vocalist PollyAnna. The funky beats perfectly complement PollyAnna’s vocals, and the drop is a well-balanced mixture of dance and pop.

“I wanted to write a song about all the things you do when your heart aches and you’re trying to feel normal again. we’ve all been there.. going out drinking & dancing just trying to forget. It’s bittersweet.” – PollyAnna

Right in time for the summer, this is sure to find its way to your playlists.

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