Luca Morris Unveils New EP, ‘Ghiaccio’

luca morris ghiaccio

MJA the Vision is a new techno record label from Clif Jack that’s only on its 4th release, but its already building strong momentum, with the label’s new EP by Luca Morris being another exceptional package.

Luca Morris is an Italian DJ and producer who has played at places like Berghain in Berlin, and also released music on esteemed record labels including the likes of Terminal M, Codex, OFF Recordings and Autektone Records.

This two-track release is an exhilarating experience that opens with the title track “Ghiaccio,” which is as dramatic as they get, due to the tension created by the bursts of its rhythmic stabs. An onslaught of excitement, the unrelenting energy is extenuated by the electric pulse of the lead synth, and the breakbeat tension of the breakdown.

Taking things up a notch, “Cara Cara” cranks up the tempo with a hard techno groove built around rigid percussion and a pulsating bassline. The breakdown is signified by trippy vocals and angelic pads, which contrasts against the menacing vibe of the groove when the drums are back in focus.

Each of the tracks on this release are filled with intensity, and would be well placed at the heightened moment in a peak time techno set.

Get the release HERE.


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