Chinese talent Luminn debuts on A State Of Trance label with “Phosphene”

Luminn Phosphene

Luminn’s debut on A State Of Trance is a sublime Trance cut-able to win anyone over.

As the dance music scene grows increasingly popular in the Asian countries, its time for the first Chinese trance artist to release a song on the revered A State Of Trance imprint. The release of the new single “Phosphene” by Luminn marks this significant moment in the Chinese dance music scene.

Right from the start, the track displays immense energy and hints at something truly electrifying. The rise in momentum is evident as we head towards the drop. The thumping kick-bass combo and soothing melodies come together to create something truly fantastic. This track has all the potential to be a festival-favorite and make any crowd go berserk.

It was a dream come true for the artist, as he releases a track on his idol’s label. He says, “It’s hard to put this moment into words. The first time I saw Armin Van Buuren perform in a small club in Beijing, China back in 2009, I was utterly entranced. I didn’t understand the music, I didn’t know what trance or electronic music was, but my entire body felt electrified. The music was pulsing with energy. Nothing I’d ever heard before resonated with my soul the way this music did, and since then, it’s no exaggeration to say I’ve fallen deeply in love with everything trance.”

Trance is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires an incredible sense of music and a deeper understanding of human feelings.

As he tries to bring out the best of trance within him, the artist shares his love for the genre as follows, “Trance, to me, is a language. It’s the one language that I know speaks from and to the soul, the one language that speaks from mine. ‘Phosphene’ is the culmination of all the work I’ve put in to learn this language. It’s me uttering my first words, my first resounding statement to the world. I hope this song brings to my listeners a beaming light of hope in their time of need.”

Luminn is the only Chinese artist to have played at the Transmission Festival in China, Ultra Music Festival and EDC. He has to his credit, the Golden Flower Award at a prestigious art, film and culture award ceremony in China. Having shared the stage with Armin van Buuren earlier, he takes the world by storm with this release!

We can’t wait to hear more from Luminn! What do you think of this track? Let us know below. Download the track here.

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