LVTHER brings chill feels with “Time Well Spent” featuring Ayelle


Among all the new talent that’s entering the music industry, Lewis Dransfield, popularly LVTHER, is definitely in the top spots!

The youngster has grown his fan base pretty well and they seem really excited about his music and are ardently following him.

LVTHER has now released a new track, ‘Time Well Spent’ feat. the very talented Swedish Iranian vocalist, Ayelle. The track has been released on Monstercat: Instinct. The track, on the first instinct, makes you want to say it’s groovy and smooth. As the name suggests, the track is meant for all the times well spent. Whether it’s the groovy pool-side party, a long ride or a simple rainy evening by the window, this track serves all moods! The vocals and lyrics are truly enchanting and forms a unique blend. Ayelle’s voice seems really unique, gusty, yet it sails smoothly through the music curated by LVTHER.

Download it here.

The young artist has always maintained a very smooth flow, yet somehow, the tracks have always turned out to be vibrant. One must surely notice that the tracks are all raw and the artist has been honest in his music production. He hasn’t tried to replicate any trends existent in the industry, and has come up with his own ways of making his fans groove. LVTHER intends to fuse pop-esque electronic music and organic elements which have both been his influence. We can only imagine how much better he can get when he puts all the pieces together!

Lewis has recently said “It’s never been my intention to write poppy music really, I’ve always found myself obsessing over songs that I deem to be catchy, whether they’re in the pop realm or not. I listen to a lot of different types of music- psychedelic rock, hip-hop, soul”

Ayelle, has proved to be a very talented vocalist and lyricist. She has drawn inspiration for her work, from her personal relationships and has explored various facets of emotions in her work. She has also been supported by BBC 1Xtra, Majestic Casual, Chill Nation, Trap Nation, Complex UK, Indie Shuffle, The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk and Hillydilly. This prodigy has also received the Women Make Music grant. Her releases have been featured through labels like Majestic Casual, Bitbird, and her music has received millions of steams from Spotify and Apple.

Pavan Kumar


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