Marbox Unveils, ‘Unconventional’ EP

marbox unconventional

Gain Records is a highly respected techno record label run by Sisko Electrofanatik, and the label’s latest offering is from Marbox.

Marbox is an Italian artist who has burst onto the techno scene with a slew of releases on revered record labels such as Odd Recordings, JAM, Codex, Reload and Riot. His style leans towards the heaver side of things with its fast-paced percussion and dramatic synths, which form the foundation of his tantalising tracks.

The EP titled “Unconventional” includes two originals by Marbox plus a remix by Mozzy Rekorder, who is a regular feature of Gain Records. Mozzy Rekorder is an Italian talent whose high-octane style has earned him releases on other labels including 100% Pure, Terminal M and OFF Recordings.

“Unconventional” opens the release with its captivating vocal sample that says the words “remote control” as the track’s main focal point. The booming kick drum and eerie atmospherics help create a devastating groove that takes no prisoners on the dance floor. Mozzy Rekorder’s remix of Unconventional keeps the original’s vocal and pad sounds, but works in a new bassline and acid lead synth that lift the energy.

“Green Eyes Speaking” closes the release with its mechanical rhythms and kick drum that sounds like it’s made of concrete. It’s a track of mammoth proportions that has spine-chilling synths with just a hint of euphoria.

You can buy the release HERE.


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