MOGUAI, Bhaskar & Bright Sparks Join With The Grammy-Nominated Bulgarian Voices Angelite Choir & Iconic Group Huun-Huur-Tu On ‘Lost Generation’!

moguai lost generation

Going from strength to strength this year with releases including ‘How We Do It’ with Cat Dealers and ‘HokusPokus’ alongside Watermat, both on his esteemed PUNX imprint, German legend MOGUAI is a formidable force and go-to name in all things house and electro across the genre spectrums.

Lining up his next release, ‘Lost Generation’ to see of the year in style, he is joined by a plethora of exciting names to connect the global dots of musical diaspora, in a truly revolutionary fashion.

Joining the party, Brazillian’s finest Bhaskar follows up epic releases on Controversia and Spinnin’, receiving support from names including Vintage Culture and ALOK, to inject his deep flavour into the mix, as renowned UK duo Bright Sparks round-off the dance world trifecta. Here on ‘Lost Generation’, what makes the track truly stand out across the industry is the additional workings of the Grammy-nominated Bulgarian Voices Angelite choir, as well as Mongolian vocal group Huun-Huur-Tu to showcase how music transcends cultures.

Commencing with a rotating house beat, flecked with snapping layers and chromatic percussion that offer up a release firmly in the electronic music world, the overtone vocal notes from Huun-Huur-Tu introduce their throat singing style that attracts the ears of every listener, merging into the production in a captivating and stunning manner.

Working with both traditional genres including folk and indigenous styles over the years, as well as stepping into Westernised, modern take with their work across rock and electronic genres as further demonstrated here, Huun-Huur-Tu have become a celebrated jewel in the worlds crown across the past three decades.

As ‘Lost Generation’ continues on its path, dramatic drums add a further depth of pace into the final edit, stratums of cowbells and swirling melodies add another point of interest to lead us into an area of space and vocal bliss. As the Bulgarian Voices Angelite choir further add another layer of interest, bringing their engrossing European component of a vocal that soars, simmers and shines with an added injection in line with world music, Bright Sparks’ Ash Kicklin then cuts further through the expanse. As MOGUAI and Bhaskar strip back and regulate the elements with just a simple key chord to uphold Kicklin’s vocal, “Its us against the world, ain’t nothing left to learn” his topline ascends, as a oscillating, off-kilter build up of synths then explode with light back into the original and deep, grooving instrumental.

Taking us on a six minute expedition of emotional joy, unity, the eclectic and the truly original, MOGUAI, Bhaskar & Bright Sparks ft. The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Huun-Huur-Tu, have bottled and released a timeless anthem for the ages on ‘Lost Generation’.

‘Lost Generation’ will be released Friday 25th November only via MOGUAI’s PUNX imprint!


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