Myth Presents his “Twist of Fate” Spotify Playlist

drum n bass playlist by myth

It’s highly probable that this is neither a Myth nor a “Twist Of Fate” that this EP is the next release on Total Science’s essential CIA imprint.

Myth – the solo alias of Jay, one half of the exciting up and coming Bristol-based duo Ill Truth, is fast becoming a go-to name for many of the scenes biggest DJs and Producers.

Already infamous for his crafting of serious dancefloor weapons, his Twist Of Fate EP is sure to follow on this route too, with four weighty cuts ready to be unleashed on the label. In his latest offering for CIA, the young producer shows respect and knowledge of a bygone era way beyond his own years, whilst having an ability to bring it bang up to date sonically to create four tracks that bang. His clever weaving together of classic Drum and Bass and Jungle breaks, interspersed with classic rave elements and sonics, make for tracks that could well have come from the early ’90s but will smash up any rave of today.

This isn’t some false fairy tale from another time; this is a phenomenon where the story is just beginning to be told. This is Myth.

To celebrate the EP’s release, we’ve asked Myth to provide us with a Spotify playlist which signifies what he’s been listening to recently.

1. Dub Phizix – Blossom

I love the simplicity of this track. It’s hard-hitting and the bass barely changes the entire track but its still interesting. Great use of the other elements to keep it rolling.

2. Ray Keith – Jungle Fi Dread

Love the way this tune kind of has two different drops. It makes it a great DJ tool. You can tease the first drop and then surprise people on the second.

3. Garvo – Rok Steady

Super tidy and super simple. What I strive for in my own production. I like the little vocal on the drop too makes for a nice change to the norm.

4. DLR – The Same Step

Liking the crispy yet crusty vibe on this one. Seems like a throwback thing but with a real modern funk to it.

5. Total Science & War – What Now?

Power combo. Super tidy and tonal drums. Lovely bit of fizz. Monster tune.

6. Ill Truth & Brann – Bounty

My favourite jungle style cut as Ill Truth. Still has a versatility to it that I like. Can be played in all kind of dnb sets and still sounds cool.

7. Break & Kyo – Chimes

The dream team back at it again. Lovely music, Lovely vocal, and a monster bassline. What more could you want from a tune?

8. Trex – Dub Pirates

Loving this vibe from Trex. Super simple throwback idea but with some really interesting modern arrangement. Great mix tool too.

9. Cybin – Aztec

My favourite cut from the ‘Ill Truth Presents vol. 1’ album. Super dark bass with eerie instrumentation. Cybin still killing it since day one. Badman.

10. Myth – Crawl

This is one of my favourite tunes I have done as Myth. It has been played by a variety of DJ’s from lots of areas of the scene despite it not being that friendly a tune to get into a set. It can be a bit of a vibe changer. In that respect, it’s kind of special to me.

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