New York Based Producer And Singer Cat Evers Unveils Her New Single ‘Patience’

cat evers patience

New York based producer and singer Cat Evers has revealed her new single “Patience.”

Starting off with the slow-tempo, airy musical vibe, the track sets an ambience of peace. While the vocals take on the lead into a world of wonder, charm and serenity, Cat Evers has also played around with the tempo, and adds some rock vibe to the melodic soundscape. The electric guitar lead right in the end is the cherry on the cake! You just have to be patient, in order to get the true essence of the track!

Cat Evers first started writing music as a young girl growing up in Malibu, California. Raised by her grandparents from the age of five, her unconventional youth culminated in a devoted relationship to music and emotions through words and melodies.

She found solace in BANKS’ dark and mysterious lyrics, Adele’s vocal expression, Hayley William’s playful extremities, and Hiatus Kaiyote’s Neo-Soul sound. Each influence has heavily contributed to a style that originates from within her, piecing together bits of alt-R&B, pop, and soul to form a cross-genre experience that is driven by story.

The versatile production skills of the artist is truly evident in each second of this exotic track!

Pavan Kumar


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