OAI Unveils Soothing Melodic House EP ‘Doppelleben’

oai doppelleben

Belarus-based melodic house producer OAI returned to Monstercat today with his ethereal four-track EP, ‘Doppelleben.’

Translated from German to mean “double life,” ‘Doppelleben’ draws inspiration from OAI’s quest to find the balance between his internal and external self. With its warm keys, bright arpeggiators, and deep basses, “Comeback” absorbs listeners, washing over them in waves of soothing atmospheric sounds. The pulsating energy that flows throughout the package is reminiscent of a soaring journey through nature’s elements that allows OAI’s sound design to shine.

OAI shares, “This release is about my search for myself in life.”

‘Doppelleben’ EP Tracklist:

1. Doppelleben
2. Comeback – Heard Right & OAI
3. Rasmo
4. Comeback (Extended Mix) – Heard Right & OAI


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