OGUZ And GRAVEDGR Unleash Hard Techno Powerhouse ‘DISTORTED’

oguz distorted

The world of hard techno is about to be turned upside down as OGUZ and GRAVEDGR have teamed up to unveil their brand new track ‘DISTORTED’ to the public.

This highly anticipated song promises to break the boundaries of hard techno and set dance floors on fire worldwide. Out via 808 Studios on September 22nd.

OGUZ, a name synonymous with innovative and energetic music, has earned a reputation as one of the leading artists in the hard techno scene. With his latest and more than successful releases ‘TOKYO SZN’ together with Farrago in his Summer Series, he has secured a permanent place in the techno scene. GRAVEDGR, another highly acclaimed DJ and producer, is known for his gritty and intense tracks that combine the harshness of the hardcore genre with the catchiness of electronic music.

The track itself is a jagged, cutting techno roller with a rolling kick drum. Razor sharp rave stabs and white noise samples jolt across the sonic landscape. A heavily distorted baseline gives the track a gritty, industrial feel before high pitched synth keys provide the melody and bring a balance to the dark, ominous energy of the track.

The collaboration of these two exceptional artists promises to be a spectacle beyond compare. After their latest joint effort on ‘I AM NOT A WHORE’, ‘DISTORTED’ is the second collaboration which combines the powerful beats and hypnotising melodies of OGUZ with the raw energy and creative vision of GRAVEDGR. The result is a musical experience that redefines the boundaries of the genre.

The hard techno banger ‘DISTORTED’ is the fifth out of a series of six bi-weekly released tracks in OGUZ’ Summer Series releases. ‘DISTORTED’ will be available from September 22nd via 808 Studios on all music streaming platforms. Fans and music lovers shouldn’t miss this moment as OGUZ and GRAVEDGR conquer the hard techno scene with their groundbreaking track.


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