Patrik Berg Returns To Terminal M For New ‘Techno Poem’ EP

patrik berg techno poem

German techno mainstay Patrik Berg’s productions are powerful, energetic, and euphoric and in 2017 Christian Smith spotted this, signing Patrik for his first international release on his Tronic imprint.

Following this, he’s landed releases on other prominent labels including Reiner Zonneveld’s Filth On Acid, Carl Cox’s Intec, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, and Monika Kruse’ Terminal M which has been his main home for the last 3 years.

For his next output, he returns to Kruse’s esteemed imprint for a huge, full-bodied, and powerful techno EP entitled ‘Techno Poem’

“Techno Poem” opens up the EP. It comes with a bubbling driving baseline and circulated hi-hat elements which create a full-body shake within the track. The beat structure starts with hypnotic pads which leads you into the crispy arpeggio sawtooth lead. Deep male vocals in poetic art move the track physically but also into the mental experience.

“Dance With Demons” starts with stomping heavy drums and a rolling low end. The whole track is supported by distorted percussion and ruthless mini-breaks. Dark self-recorded female low-pitch vocals with different styles of programming give the listener the clear order to obey the dance floor. In contrast to the rough environment, the epic pads and a beautiful sensitive melody give the track an ambivalent feeling.

“Pushing On” combines classic house with new school techno while adding also an extra portion of sexiness. The catchy vocal deeply reflects its house origin. The DNA of the track beside the vocal its groove programmed claps and the dark house chords. Within the track, the listener will be surprised by breaks with guitar distortion pitch effects followed by explosive energy.


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