PEEKABOO Drops New Single, ‘When I’m Gone’ Featuring XAELO

peekaboo when im gone

PEEKABOO runs through a painful hypothetical on his new single “When I’m Gone,” featuring singer-songwriter Xaelo, a melancholic warning shot fired off as part of the eighth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

The hard knock streets of Detroit have been kind to Matthew Lucas. Respect tends to go a long way when an artist has enough hype to make their home city proud, and the demand for his PEEKABOO project has turned him into one of Michigan’s hottest attractions.

A bona-fide staple in the bass scene, the world can’t seem to get enough of the mind-twisting tracks he continues to put his name on. His catalog is crawling with deep, diabolical cuts known for dragging people down into the darkest depths of the wonky dubstep realm. NIGHTMODE recently got up close and personal to the flames of his freeform capabilities when they rode shotgun on an eerie trip into the outer limits of his label debut.

“Bumpy Road” navigated its way across a route dotted with frights and delights, a left-field single showcasing his knack for creating hypnotic, harrowing chilling grooves fit for a horror film. On his follow-up offering, though, he eschews the haunting aesthetic to tackle a topic that could be considered equally as scary.

“When I’m Gone” slows the pace down to focus on the agony that towers over someone who gets ghosted. He links up with emerging vocalist Xaelo to bring that disheartening narrative to life.

The fledgling singer sets the scene like a pro, airing out the dirty laundry of his failing relationship while somber piano and rainfall sounds lead the restrained bass track into a line of questioning that lets his intrusive thoughts take the spotlight.

His forlorn hook and effortless falsetto are propelled along by lilting woodwind melodies, snappy drum patterns, poignant chord stabs, subtle growls, and his signature bewitched bounce. If there’s one takeaway to be had, it’s that no one should be taking PEEKABOO for granted at this point.

“‘When I’m Gone’ is a song for the most important person in your life; realizing what the world would be like without them, and never taking anyone for granted.”—PEEKABOO


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