Pegboard Nerds Reveal New Single, “Back To Me”


The duo that’s famous for creating video-game friendly music, Pegboard Nerds, is back with another single as we approach the summer with the track “Back To Me”. The single is now out on Monstercat.

Dynamic melodies and some brisk drum works in the background set an amazingly energetic vibe to the song. Piling up stacks of energy, the track drops into a phase dominated by synth works that give you a hurried feeling, getting your heartbeat up and running! This one’s for a particular kind of audience who likes it bright and energetic and we’re sure the Nerds have their loyal following who will propel this track towards success.

As unique as their name, is the music of the Scandinavian producers Alex Odden and Michael Parsberg, calling themselves Pegboard Nerds. The unlikely duo formed when multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning Parsberg joined forces with Odden, the kingpin of the Demoscene in the Norwegian underground.

The pair that has largely been nurtured by Monstercat have contributed remixes for Above & beyond, Tïësto, Armin van Buuren and a lot more.

And as one of the most highly touted names on Monstercat, a label that has progressively become one of the most respected names in dance music, the Pegboard Nerds continue to build their #NerdNation into an international army.

What do you think of this one? Comment away. Download the track here.

Pavan Kumar

Content Writer | House Music News & Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
I'm someone who constantly works at experiencing life better and enhancing my perception. Not allowing myself to be ruled by social norms, my way of living is an expression of my joy rather than the pursuit of happiness. Venturing into volunteering activities full time, I take time to write about things dear to me - which includes dance music! My passion for dance music started at the age of 15 which propelled me to host parties and promote dance music events! Today, I love seeing how the genre has evolved and wish to befriend more people to the genre!
Pavan Kumar

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