Pigeon Hole – Noise Parade

Noise Parade

If you’re looking for some cutting-edge bass music, head on over to Outer Realms and check out the new Pigeon Hole EP. The label, which has been founded by bass icon Minnesota, is hosting the Noise Parade EP, which is a total of four tracks in length.

Moving with intensity and razor-sharp attention to detail, tunes like “Wolves” and “Chamber” mean that you are left guessing as they shine with astounding caliber. There is much to love about “Symbols” and “Front Row” as well – the latter being almost hypnotic in its darkly enticing theme.

Pigeon Hole says: “Noise Parade’ is a portrait of us at this very moment. It captures the spirit of what we believe is Pigeon Hole coming into our own. We worked hard, and we think it’s our best EP yet. We’re honored Minnesota believed in the project and wanted it as the first release on the new label. I feel it’s the first of many big things to come.”

About Pigeon Hole

Vancouver Island duo Pigeon Hole first forged their name in the underground hip-hop culture of the mid-2000’s. From there, the drive to experiment with new forms of production saw them splinter off from rap onto the fringes of the bass music scene. True to their roots, Pigeon Hole’s sound leans heavily on nostalgic reference to their early hip-hop influences; establishing themselves at the forefront of Canada’s Bass music scene with their new approach to the genre.

Recently, a series of quality singles and EP’s on home-base label Sleeveless Records saw Pigeon Hole pick up where they left off with their brand of broken hip-hop bass tunes, and dabble in the newly coined ‘Halftime’ Drum & Bass sub-sect. The 2017 sticky-analog single ‘Headnod’ on Saturate Records and the G-funk inspired ‘6 AM’ on Gravitas, got international playlist support from DJ’s and were rinsed throughout the summer. Pigeon Hole fuelled momentum by touring North American festivals, highlighted by prime time slot performances at Shambhala, SXSW, and Burning Man’s Camp Questionmark Stage.

Pigeon Hole won’t stop there. They begin the new year at the front of the pack in an emerging bass music landscape. One in which they have secured a position as both pioneers of the past and innovators of an ever more promising future.


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