Pocket Cashes In With Proper UK Garage Single “Money”

pocket money

Scottish sensation Pocket has been flexing his sound design mastery over an array of electronic music genres, all of which are informed by his penchant for UKG.

The rising talent makes his debut on HARD Recs with the infectious and gritty UK garage cut “Money.” The track has already seen support from Disclosure and salute. during their pop-up set in Colombia.

“Money” is universal currency in terms of UK garage sounds. Clocking in at three minutes and some change, the absolute DJ tool is heavy-hitting and addictive. Built around a vocal sample from his close friend Lyrah’s single “Drain My Bank Account,” the track pays homage to its origin while completely exploring new realms. Lyrah’s arresting vocal tones are captivating from the outset, which are then chopped, looped, and released with masterful precision. The stripped-back intro is enchanting and exotic, giving way to breathy vocal chops and snappy breakbeat drums. Blood-pumping basslines, subtle siren fills, and gritty grime-inspired flourishes beef up the drops while adding a murky counterpoint to the seductive sounds that mingle throughout. Cloaked with shadowy textures and a mystical air, the new single from Pocket is a dancefloor-ready anthem that’s primed to take over.

Pocket breaks down how the track came to life, saying, “I was in the mood to sample some vocals and build something sparse around them. My friend Lyrah was kind enough to give me permission to sample the vocals from her track ‘Drain My Bank Account,’ and it all came together from there. I wanted to take the opposite approach that I have in the past and let melody take the backseat and focus mostly on the drums and groove. I had a lot of fun chopping breaks and finding a groove that felt unique and stood its ground without much support. I’m a big fan of El-B’s drums, the way they’re so upfront and demanding of your attention, so that was a big inspiration.”

Edinburgh-based producer Pocket has been putting his degree in sound design to good use, authoring some of the most impressive releases across garage, two-step, bassline, and electronica in recent time. His music has gained support from icons like Fred Again.., Overmono, Disclosure, and salute. He has upcoming performances at EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, Bonnaroo, 45 East (Portland), and will be playing alongside Hamdi at Academy (LA) and Midway (SF).

Seductive, hard-hitting, and addictive, “Money” illustrates why Pocket continues to be a favorite amongst DJs and fans alike.

Pocket’s new single “Money” is available on all platforms via HARD Recs.


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