Poli Hubavenska Releases A New Single – ‘Light Of The Sun’

poli hubavenska light of the sun

Poli whose voice is known all around the world, wears a flamboyant outfits in her new music video.

The newest music single ‘Light Оf Тhe Sun’ was released on 11 May with a great media premiere in Sofia, Bulgaria. Poli chose the date carefully taking into account the astrological energies illuminating the skies in May which symbolize new beginnings and new hopes! This is also the meaning behind the song’s title ‘Light of the Sun’.

‘I worked on this music project for quite a while – Poli says. I was purposely delaying its official release as I wanted everything to be perfectly aligned. After all the dark moments we went through recently, this track is conveying a message so we all look on the bright side of things, and start collecting more positive energy and strength to make our dreams come true.’

Poli is already well-known worldwide after having worked with some internationally known music DJs like Armin van Buuren! ‘Light of the Sun’ was a music project which attracted the interest of certain multinational music production companies. However, Poli decided to self-
produce the music track, and started gathering a team of composers and musicians.

‘Light Оf Тhe Sun‘ is composed by Yavor Rusinov, well-known Bulgarian musician, composer and producer who has various international music projects behind his back: founder of the ‘Bulgaro’ music band, and member of YAKU – ethno music project of the Austrian musician and producer Kurt Hauenstein (SUPERMAX). Rusinov and Poli collaborate fruitfully on the project, and you can now enjoy the final product of this great synergy! „I am super grateful to Yavor for his energy, patience, and the whole artistic input he invested into this tune! He put a subtsnatial amount of time until everything was ready!’, Poli commented.

‘Light Оf Тhe Sun’ is a bilingual song featuring lyrics in English but also including a set of phrases in Bulgarian. Bulgarian folklore singing is the particularity in Poli’s vocal performance. She creates modern house and pop music, and she always incorporates Bulgarian folklore elements. Traditional Bulgarian singing is actually Poli’s main professional specialty! Through the years she receives a lot of requests to translate the lyrics of a certain Bulgarian folklore song so that her fans can feel the meaning of the lyrics. Releasing ‘Light of the Sun’ mainly in English, helps the international audience to understand the messages in the song as well.

After dropping the teaser for her long-awaited music track, Poli follows up with the music video for ‘Light of the Sun’, shot and directed by Alexander Mollov. The video finds the performer dancing through the beaches of Kavala in Greece! The video was being
premiered on Poli’s Youtube channel and reached thousands of views for less than a month.


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