10 songs by Porter Robinson you need to check out!

Porter Robinson

This American talent is no stranger to the global scene! Tasting fame in his late teens, with break-through music releases time and again, scintillating music production concepts and videos that match the psyche of his dedicated fan base, Porter Robinson has grown as a strong force in the industry.

With an amazing debut hit, in ‘Say My Name’ he made his mark at a very young age. Releasing his debut album, ‘Worlds’, in 2014, added a feather to his cap and set off his career in an all new direction with great vigour. He has been named 7th in the Billboard 21 under 21 list, topped the InTheMix’s 25 under 25 list and reached DJ Times’ 2013 ranking fro America’s Best DJ. Even before turning 21, 3 of his tracks topped Beatport’s overall chart. Being featured on the DJ Mag Top 100 list for 7 years in succession, he has shown the world that he’s a name not to be forgotten soon.

It’s this superstar’s 26th birthday and here’s our TOP 10 picks from his fantastic talent, as we wish him a very happy birthday!

10. Porter Robinson – 100% in the Bitch

This track, has YouTube user, bumnumba1’s speech and his filled with profane words! The track is a testament to Porter’s interest in Japanese culture, as we have seen time and again in his music. This one’s definitely got a strong sense of urgency in you’re your feet to dance.

9. Virtual Self – Ghost Voices

He’s also recently chosen to represent his music by the name Virtual Self. Ghost voices is one among them. Having seen Porter’s abilities to create a variety of music, this one definitely stands apart. A perfect neotrance number, required for every dance floor, this mystical track turns out to be, which also has euphoric vocals.

8. Porter Robinson feat. Madeon – Shelter

Porter, collaborates on this one, with a childhood friend- Madeon. It has a wonderful anime music video, produced along with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll. The music video is very emotive, captivating and enthralling as the vocals pierce through the listener’s hearts. Some amazing bass lines and funky sounds make it all the more fun.

7. Porter Robinson – Divinity

Being a track that proves the deep and mystical nature of the album, it has a brilliant spectrum of production brilliance. With a very soothing and powerful opening, coupled with mystical vocals, it is sure to mesmerize you. Wait though, until it slips into making you want to groove as well.

6. Virtual Self – Eon Break

‘The infinite sky will heal us. Unlimited sky will fill our negligible light.’ That’s how this up-beat track has its suppressed vocals making you feel captivated. Slow to begin with, some powerful drum beats sooth your ears! It definitely deserves a spot on our favourites list.

Porter Robinson – Spitfire

Spitfire’ put the little boy from Atlanta on the world map. ‘Spitfire’ redefined electro dubstep and upon release, the tune skyrocketed to the number one spot on both the iTunes Dance Chart and Beatport’s overall chart, crashing Beatport’s servers in the process. Spitfire was a pure festival banger and it was used by DJs as their secret weapon.

4. Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices

This one is my personal favourite! Making you feel other-worldly and making you imagine amazing sights in your mind, this track has beautiful chimes and then dives into some intricate drumming which is muffled. An honest, tranquil track, it’s definitely one for the long drives.

3. Porter Robinson – Unison

A track that made him popular all across the world, it also received a remix from Knife Party later on. The powerful drop, along with some fun infusion of sharp dubstep into the progressive beats, ah! there’s surely a strong reason why everyone loved it. Sure to stay on as a party track fro many years to come.

2. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy

Here’s another global hit from 2013 that made its way into every major dance club and sets across the globe. Some superb vocals, along with a progressive up-beat tempo, it surely is one that will always have you on your toes. It also features an anime video , which itself is very euphoric in its concept.

1.Porter Robinson – Language

This is all that Porter Robinson defines. High energy, new style, sharp and charming vocals! This is absolutely the reason why progressive trance music is more loved than the modern house music. Time and again, we are reminded, that going back to the roots, we can always create memorable stuff!

These were our picks. Got any birthday message for Porter? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments’ section below.

Pavan Kumar


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