Princess Cyberspace – So Relatable (Music Video)


LA duo Princess Cyberspace have become famed for leading listeners through a sonic experience of the trials and tribulations of life in the digital age.

Acting as figureheads for the URL meets IRL lifestyle, future generations need never wonder what dating in 2017 was like; they could just chjeck out the ballads of Princess Cyberspace. The pair have just dropped their debut music video for single “So Relatable.”

Called a “confectionary pop balled” by High Snobiety, the “So Relatable” music video throws into the spotlight all the nuances of the online-meets-reality universe that we’re all a part of with the use of emojis, online jargon, Lisa Frank, and every millennial cliche in between. The video was written, styled, directed, and produced by Princess Cyberspace vocalist Rebecca Morgiewicz, while the music was produced by the second half of PCS- Stelio “STEL★LEO” Marshall.

Watch it here:

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