Prolix Unveils New Single, ‘Everything’

prolix everything

Prolix is kicking down another dancefloor annihilator arriving in the shape of his new single “Everything,” the second standalone release he’s unloaded onto the Bassrush Records catalog.

Any avid drum & bass enthusiast worth their salt would gladly jump at the chance to sing the praise of UK heavyweight Prolix. He’s constantly challenging the status quo, a compliment whose merit increases exponentially when considering the fact that he’s remained leaps ahead of the curve throughout his decade-long tenure in the scene. On his follow-up single on the Bassrush imprint, the D&B visionary lives up to that reputation with one of the finest creations he’s put forth to this day.

“Everything” is chocked-full of all the essential elements that can make the dancefloor fly off the rails. It’s furious. The pace is frenetic. And it works its magic at making the next move feel like a complete mystery, no matter how many twists and turns it has already taken.

It opens with a stunning cinematic intro, with orchestral strings and tension-building chords sliding beneath a haunting vocal that eventually succumbs to the lecherous power of lust. The looped refrain “When you dream, do you dream of me // Cause when I dream, you’re the one I see” shows the level of desire that’s being laid out on the table here. Prolix eventually pulls the rug out from under and starts tearing through the space with his perplexing tech-fueled phrasing, while each vicious synth growl lures the listener further into its grips.

“This track is something I have been working on for a long time,” says Prolix. “I had tried different vocals and different drops, finally getting to something that I really liked and that I felt did the intro justice. When I was writing it, I had it in my mind that I would want it to be for Bassrush; it felt, to me, like it had that big stage, epic sound and it would fit the Bassrush ethos.”

Hailing from London, Chris McCarthy is the one pulling the strings on the Prolix pseudonym. His credibility hangs on a tireless output for the most reputable drum & bass stables known to man, having earned the respect of industry leaders from the likes of Andy C, Black Sun Empire, DC Breaks, DJ Hype, and virtually anyone who has a working set of ears. He originally sprouted up on the Bassrush label back in 2020, cracking domes wide open on his aptly titled “Mind Rush” single.

In the same way the protagonist couldn’t shake the spellbinding effect that’s depicted across “Everything,” the new single from Prolix is going to have heads fawning over the brain-eating groove of an absolute melter of a tune.

Prolix’s new single “Everything” is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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