R3HAB & GATTÜSO Convert Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ Into A Big-Room Anthem

radiohead creep dance remix by r3hab & gattuso

R3HAB and GATTÜSO team up on their new collaborative version of “Creep” – a cover of one of Radiohead’s most iconic tracks – redone with a vocal big-room house vibe, marking the first-ever recording for Spotify’s inaugural “mint Singles” program, a companion to its flagship dance playlist, mint, and a spin-off of the popular “Spotify Singles” series.

Opening with angelic vocals over a barely-there bassline, we soon discover that this track packs a punch of attitude when the breakdown dives into a bouncy, groovy soundscape intermixed with upbeat melodies. “Creep” will feel at home on the radio and during live performances, which might make it your new go-to track for any occasion. R3HAB first worked with GATTÜSO on his track “Lullaby” and most recently tapped him for a remix of “Flames,” slowly integrating the emerging DJ/producer into the CYB3RPVNK family. “Creep” is out today.


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