Rad Cat Explores Themes Of Self-Acceptance On Four-Track Genre-Blending ‘All I Need*’ EP

rad cat all i need*

First-generation Mexican American artist Rad Cat makes his return to NIGHTMODE with a powerful and captivating four-track EP.

With ‘all i need*,’ the Angeleno showcases his artistic evolution and takes the baton as part of NIGHTMODE’s eleventh season of releases.

Renowned for his ability to blur the boundaries between future bass and house music, Rad Cat intertwines nostalgic feels with masterful production. The new project follows his previous NIGHTMODE double-sided single ‘One For Me / Think About Me,’ as well as his recent contribution of “Home” to the label’s NIGHT DRIVE compilation. His four-tracker ‘all I need*’ is an energetic and emotive ode to celebrating individuality and embracing self-acceptance.

The lead single “leave it all behind” is a tone-setting sonic adventure. Pensive piano keys, breathy vocal bends, and water droplets create a lush and evocative opening. The empowering vocal topline reflects on past struggles while keeping an eye on the future. The drops pack an infectious bounce that’s driven by springy synth progressions and jangling percussive elements. The returning vocals offer a pop-leaning catchiness while airy atmospheres and stray hip-hop samples deepen the character and charm.

Next up is “all i need*,” building upon the energy experienced in the opener. Haunting vocals are stretched and looped for a mystifying air that’s multiplied by a dreamy backing. A playful underlying melody meets driving drums to take things to new heights. Electric drops offer an explosive escape that’s bursting with a sense of elation. Dreams become reality as sparks fly and the power of love creates an unstoppable spirit.

Fusing styles and sounds, “reason” is a moody bop that commands repeat listens. A powerful four-on-the-floor backbone makes it club-ready while R&B-inspired vocals inject a sultry flair. The vocal chops create an irresistibly catchy pop vibe that’s punched up with powerful percussion and futuristic flourishes. The track provides a multitude of reasons why Rad Cat is one of electronic music’s hottest rising stars.

Ending on an emotive note, “home” slows things down for a soul-soothing finale. The minimal intro leverages poignant piano keys and layered vocals to create a captivating allure. Emotions swell along with the backing as anticipation builds. A short second of silence amplifies the impact before greeting listeners with welcoming upbeat drops. The melody dances about, mixing scenes of nostalgia, warmth, and safety. Playing like a warm hug on a cold night, it’s the soundtrack to finding that wondrous sense of comfort we all long for.

“At the heart of my ‘all i need *’ EP lies a profound message of self-acceptance and empowerment. Through lyrics that delve deep into my personal experiences, I’m inviting listeners to embrace their individuality. ”—Rad Cat


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