ReauBeau Returns To Circus Records With Dreamy Dnb Infused “My Way”

reaubeau my way

ReauBeau stakes his claim on 2022 with the rousing ‘My Way’ featuring rising Icelandic star Brynja Mary!

With ReauBeau’s uniquely anthemic and cinematic style, it’s unsurprising that his tracks have been far-reaching. In between composing for FIFA and Rocket League, producing a track for the Dutch Sports Federation at the Tokyo Olympics, and creating syncs for the brands Off White, Johnnie Walker, Victoria’s Secret and Peloton, ReauBeau’s becoming unstoppable.

This year he’s been on a creative roll with ‘Lights Off’, ’Rock ‘n’ Roll’, his collaboration with NCT on the bass stomper ‘Not Gonna Stop’, and with IZZI on their incredible showstopper ‘The New Wave’. What could come next?…

It feels like he’s got 2021 sewn up, but as the new year beckons we reach ever higher with ‘My Way’, with the magical vocals of Brynja Mary who proved her talents in Iceland’s TV song competition ‘Songvakeppnin’.

ReauBeau is proving himself time and time again – we can’t wait to kick off the new year his way!


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