CloudNone And Direct Reconnect For Dreamy Single “Arms Race”

cloudnone arms race

Following a year of multiple releases, community favourites CloudNone and Direct returned to Monstercat today, teaming up once more for their new single, “Arms Race.”

Named after their favourite CS:GO mode, “Arms Race” is an ode to the many hours the duo logged gaming together throughout their longstanding friendship. The bright guitars, deep basses, and atmospheric pads eloquently showcase both artists’ distinct production stylings, transporting listeners inside the inner workings of their creative process.

CloudNone shares, “Within “Arms Race,” both Direct and I really leaned into our individual production strengths or certainly equipped some of our favorite techniques. Whether it be the heavy drum breaks of the first section, the more sound-design-oriented second comeback, or even the ever-evolving, ever-morphing main theme of the song, we made this with the full intention of enjoying the process, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Direct adds, “CloudNone and I created “Arms Race” by channeling our inspirations from old and new dance music. We utilized breakbeats, heavy bass, and found sounds and combined that with modern production techniques to end up with a track that evolves in style throughout.”


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