The Importance Of A Good Video Game Soundtrack

video game soundtrack

With an iconic video game comes an iconic soundtrack.

From the Mario theme tune to the Tetris background music, as soon as we hear the soundtrack we can instantly match it with the famous game- which is why they have such a memorable effect on us.

These soundtracks are so memorable that they have made their way into the foundation of modern culture. But today, the soundtracks in video games have evolved in lined with the technology of the games themselves, and they are now an essential component of storytelling.

The Value Of Music In Video Games

Music is something that can evoke emotion and establish tone when telling a story. It has long been an essential part of film, helping to lay the foundations for a scene, and it now plays a similar role in video games. By their very nature, games are a more immersive experience than film, since you control the actions of your character instead of simply watching them. This is why game developers recognise the importance of incorporating a soundtrack that captivates and inspires.

Games have used music to dazzling effect over the years. The soundtracks of many RPGs have lived rent-free in the minds of players around the world, and the horror genre has used music to conjure a sense of eeriness and terror. If a game already has a powerful concept and story, a good soundtrack dials that up even further, so the composers play a key role in the success of a game.

Music In Gaming: Scratching The Surface

Atmospheric soundtracks have found their way into many FPS, platformers and even RTS games. A quality soundtrack enhances the player’s experience, and even modern reboots of classic games have chosen to reinvent the soundtrack to boost the immersive experience.

If a classic game had a winning soundtrack in its day, the power of remaking that music using modern technology can make iconic tunes more powerful. Whether you are tearing through a hellish underworld or traversing sweeping plains and enchanted forests, the music will amplify the atmosphere if it is done right.

It’s about more than just creating memorable tunes, however. There needs to be nuance and intricacy that sometimes operates in the background. In between the more action-packed moments, the player is left alone to explore in a calmer environment, so the music needs to help maintain the right atmosphere. It could be a sense of calm or a continuing sense of tension.

There are many ways how music affects our emotions, and if mismatched music is played during a game, the whole effect of the game can be mistaken. For example, if calming music is played during a battle, the tension and thrill is not going to be represented, therefore games should ensure that the music matches the given moment to enhance the experience. Whatever the developer wants the player to feel at a given moment in the game, the right music can help achieve it.

Giving Control To The Player

Some of the greatest games in history have taken a different approach to their soundtrack. For example, there are games that enable the player to choose what music plays, perhaps by changing the radio station while driving a car. This places the music inside the game world and allows the player to take control of what they are hearing – and it often involves well-known songs from popular bands and artists.

This approach to in-game music has grown since its inception and really helps to enhance the feeling of existing within a living, breathing world. The player becomes a curator of their own soundtrack and the game becomes immersive in a more personalised way.

How Music Has Effects On Different Game Styles

With music playing such a key role in some of the best video games, it’s not hard to see that games can be beneficial to the careers of musicians. Sounds are not only just important in video games, but also in other sectors such as sports games, mobile games and slot games. The playlists of huge sports games have presented a fantastic opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure to new audiences, and with millions of people playing these games, it can be a powerful tool for gaining fans.

Various artists and bands have skyrocketed their stardom by featuring a song in a sports game. In mobile gaming, the importance of music is huge due to the effect it can have on the game. Similarly to video games, the music played can invoke a feeling of pure excitement and thrill, creating an illusion as if you are in the game yourself.

As for slot games and casino based games, the music also plays an integral part of the experience for the player. The music in a slot game can help immerse players into the game, and can also have an affect on the players` mood and behaviour whilst playing, so it is important to play the right music for the player. If players enjoy the music of a game, this means they will have a more enjoyable experience while playing.

An Egyptian theme has been popular for many games, not just for Assassin’s Creed Origins but also for slot games too. Many famous slot games such as the Book of Dead online slot are played because it reminds us of the Egyptian temples where the game is set, and the music perfectly represents the tone of the game which is why it has a memorable effect on so many players. The background music of these games are just as important as the sound of jackpot wins and bonuses, to help create an effective game for players to play.

Why Music Plays An Integral Part In Video Games

Video games have become the dominant form of media as technology has developed. Next-gen games feature incredible visuals, physics and mechanics for players to enjoy, and soundtracks have continued evolving alongside this development. There are many ways music is deployed within video games, but it all amounts to enhance the experience for players into a fully-immersive process that transports them into another world.

The bond between gaming and music is stronger than ever, whether for addictive, iconic tunes that you immediately associate with a game or something more sophisticated. In any case, musicians should consider gaming as a potential avenue for exposure and work, because the audience is huge and the potential earnings are enormous.


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