Unveiling The Next Iconic Film Capturing The Essence Of The Techno Scene – Return To Planet Underground

return to planet underground

In ‘Return To Planet Underground,’ director Gideon Homes presents audiences with an enthralling glimpse into the Dutch underground techno scene, delivering a gripping dark milieu drama filled with intense moments and poignant human tragedies.

The narrative revolves around a former underground techno DJ navigating the labyrinth of a prestigious law firm, only to spiral down into the shadows of a society already at war. Caught in moral gray areas, he confronts the past while glimpsing an uncertain future, stirring amidst the remnants of the real underground.

This film is not merely a visual feast; it’s a compelling exploration that immerses viewers in the lives of its protagonists. Set against the backdrop of driving techno beats, ‘Return To Planet Underground’ takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride through the highs and lows of human desires, drug-fueled escapades, social pressures and the pursuit of perfectionism. It’s a cinematic intoxication that lingers.

Drawing inspiration from iconic films such as Trainspotting, Berlin Calling, and Human Traffic, Gideon Homes’ work stands out with its unique stylistic devices and unconventional storylines. The film touches the soul in ways distinct from its influences, promising an unforgettable experience.

Grounded in true events and personal experiences, ‘Return To Planet Underground’ faced numerous legal challenges before finally breaking free to captivate audiences worldwide. Prepare for an immersive dive into a world where music, morality, and the human spirit collide.


Return To Planet Underground’ is set to make its worldwide premiere on February 2, 2024.


Get an exclusive sneak peek with the official trailer, available at this link:


Tyrel Coen Van den Aardweg
Skylar Skylar Mills
Klaas Ray Van Zuijlen
Lu Lu Dorien Rose Duinker
Fictor Bjorn Van der Doelen
Filosoof Bas Van de Oever
Broer Lu Lu Grad Waesenbeek
Chanelly Delphin Metsers
Inne Susan Arcidiacono
Mike Elroy Lemmens
XL Leon Van Waas
Floor Judith Kotigaro


Scriptwriter & Director Gideon Homes
Casting Susan Arcidiacono
Cinematography Jahyro Adonis
Set Designer Valentina Bonaldo & Matteo Pani
Set Decorator Diana Heijman
Line Producer and Kimberly Homes
Production manager
Editor RTPU editing
Music Skylar Mills & Alexis Tyrel
Producers Homes & Homes

Shooting Locations

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Pullman Hotel Eindhoven
Effenaar, Eindhoven
Arendonk, Belgium
Best, The Netherlands
Lieshout, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Duiven, The Netherlands


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