Rico 56 And Luxe Agoris Team Up With Korzana On Moody House Two-Tracker ‘Something Real / Strangers’

rico 56 something real/strangers

Rico 56 is making a return to NIGHTMODE with his new collaborative project twofaced. alongside Dutch producer Luxe Agoris. Recruiting emerging Denmark native Korzana, the trio of artists bring fans an emotive two-track house offering with ‘Something Real / Strangers.’

The double-sided single arrives as part of NIGHTMODE’s 13th season of releases and follows Rico 56’s label debut “Falling For You,” which saw him teaming up with Repiet, LVRNS and Luxor last year.

The lead single “Something Real” is a moody break-up anthem. It’s brooding, heartfelt, and powerful. Rico’s pain-stricken vocals are raw and honest. They pack the poignant punch of realizing the end is near while also coming to terms with the fact that you’ll be lost without that special someone. The longing crooning brings the emotion to life above bouncy drums, unfurling synth melodies, chunky bassline plucks, and buoyant two-note stabs. The club-friendly backing offers a dancey feel while the lyrics center around a pensive state of reflection. Pain and groove intertwine for a stirring ballad landing somewhere between a tear-jerking reaction and the release of dancing through the pain.

“‘Something Real’ brings about the emotion that nothing makes sense without their significant other around, almost as if they’re lost, searching for something they can feel.”—twofaced.

The B-side builds upon the same thematic direction with its own distinct sound. “Strangers” is just as heartfelt, only more dynamic. The vocals are stirring yet centered, painting vivid images of lost love fading into memories. The soul-stirring vocals are deepened by haunting vocal bends that echo through the track with an icy yet arresting allure. Driving drums push the momentum as bubbling melodies and dark stabs inject an air of mystique. “Strangers” feels like wandering through the darkness on a hopeless journey to find what’s been forever lost. It’s a vibe-filled house display teeming with tenderness that will have listeners rushing back for more.

“‘Strangers’ brings the feeling of a relationship falling apart, so much to say that both of them can’t even remember the feeling of embracing one another.”—twofaced.


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