Riggi & Piros Share Dance Floor Heater “Body To The Beat”

riggi & piros body to the beat

Riggi & Piros are back on Dim Mak with their latest single “Body To The Beat,” an Electro House heater filled with a commanding bassline and a tantalizing female vocal.

Crucial members of the next gen of emerging Dim Mak signees, the duo from Northern New Jersey returned to the label earlier this year, after their initial debut over 10 years ago. The ultimate story of growth – Riggi & Piros are back and better than ever, with a honed in vision for their project and newly invigorated sounds and styles. Up next in their arsenal – “Body To The Beat.”

On the new single, the duo comments; “This track dives deep into the gritty essence of house music, combining raw, pulsating beats with edgy, infectious rhythms. It was crafted to ignite the dance floor and capture the unfiltered energy of nightlife. Our hope is that it makes you lose yourself in the music and feel the freedom and intensity of the moment.”

More from Riggi & Piros on Dim Mak coming soon 👀


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